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Registration FAQ

What is AMBA's catchment area?

The boundaries of our catchment area are as follows:

Northern Boundary: East on 80th Avenue from 196th Street to 216th Street, then North on 216th Street to Trans-Canada Highway #1, then East on Trans-Canada Highway #1 to 240 Street, then North on 240th Street to Fraser River.

Southern Boundary: Zero Avenue.

Western Boundary: 196th Street from 80th Avenue in the North to Zero Avenue in the South.

Eastern Boundary: Mt Lehman Road.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Tax receipts are emailed every year by February 28th. If you change your email address, please be sure to let the registrar know.

What is AMBA's Refund Policy?

A $30 administration fee will be charged for all refund requests. If a refund is requested after the first scheduled game and prior to April 30th of the current season, 50% of the registration fees (less the $30 administration fee) will be refunded. There will be absolutely no refunds issued after April 30th of the current season.

What if my family is registering more than one player with AMBA? Do the fees change?

AMBA is very pleased to say that there are a number of families in Aldergrove who register more than one child from their family to play baseball here. AMBA recognizes this and we have put together a fee structure to help support their registrations.

  • 1st child will be registered at full price (registration amount is predicated by using the oldest division registration fee first)

  • 2nd child is registered at full price (registration amount is predicated by using the next oldest division registration fee)

  • 3rd child is registered for FREE

  • 4th and subsequent child(ren) will be registered at half price