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Boundary Changes...

To the Greater AMBA Family.

After many years of debate and heated battles to allow North Langley to have the Southern border pushed further from 80th avenue down to 64th avenue, we have decided to allow the change.  We have worked closely with the BCBA board and North Langley to all come to an agreeance that this is the best for Baseball in the Langley Region… Not just North Langley or Aldergrove, but for all.

This comes with little change to the greater number of you in the association as we have very few athletes that reside in this “Willouhby Slope” area playing with us. Those that do, will have the option to continue to play for Aldergrove if they so choose, or move to North Langley to play there. Once they have moved from Aldergrove, their “Grandfathering” will be surrendered.

What does this mean? Well for starters, those that reside in this affected area, will be able to play BC Minor Baseball closer to home. We hope that with this change, there will be more players that decide to play this great game. At the younger levels, proximity to the game or practice is a major deciding factor whether a child plays the sport or not. It will also help in giving another option for baseball players in this region to play in the progressive BC Minor system.

We have also agreed that to be competitive with the PBL, we need to offer a cost-effective option for our high-performance players with a well-developed program. So North Langley and Aldergrove are coming to an agreeance to merge at this level. This means that any player wishing to play AAA baseball in Langley will be able to play in Langley.

North Langley has been developing a Bantam AAA team with former MLB players Kevin Nicholson & Mike Ellis as their coaches. We welcome any Aldergrove player aspiring to play at this level the opportunity to do so. We will not be offering releases to play elsewhere so we can develop the best program available. For those that do not make that team or wish to play AA, will play under the guidance of Phil Konkin and the program he has built here in Aldergrove where North Langley players may come to try out. Our A program will remain in Aldergrove with the option to merge a team if numbers permit. We do not want to turn anyone away due to lack of space.

At the Midget AAA level, Don Fisher and his staff will be hosting the program based in Aldergrove with the ambitious and exciting plans already laid out and we will work to see what the AA programs bring…

This is exciting news for Baseball families throughout the Langley region… we are creating more opportunities for kids to play with their friends from school which will support their parents in ride sharing and time management… this will also allow us to further develop a strong high-performance program where athletes will be able to play at a higher level within their communities and cost will not be a determining factor in the level they play.  We are here to develop… at all levels!

Baseball is a great game and we are striving to make it the choice of our local families. We here in Aldergrove have created a fantastic family atmosphere where our youth are able to play in a safe & supportive environment while learning new skills and making lifelong friends.  We are here for everyone and this is really a huge step in moving forward to growing this great game.

I look forward to working with Mark Burgess and his team in North Langley moving forward. The past is the past and we cannot forget that, but we need to look forward and be part of the long-term solution… we are working to develop what is best for our members.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Brad Blatz


Aldergrove Minor Baseball

Check out the new website…. Kinks to still be ironed out, but a much better platform:

Posted on 12/07/2017

2018 MIdget AAA Team Info

Aldergrove Baseball will once again be hosting a Midget AAA team for the upcoming 2018 season.

For important information, click HERE.
Posted on 08/09/2017

One Day...

One Day

Yes, our kids' sports suck up all of our free time. Yes, our kids' sports make our lives and schedules crazy sometimes (OK, most of the time). Yes, our kids' sports keep getting more expensive. Yes, it's a pain in the butt to leave work early to drive home, then drive back across town so our kids can be at their ball game at 5:00pm, a half hour to 45 mins before it begins.

But in the blink of an eye, our kids won't be kids anymore. They'll be driving themselves or getting rides with buddies to practices and games. Then all of the sudden, we'll be left with a huge void in our lives and the only thing that will occupy it is the constant question running through our minds... "How did it go by so fast?"

So, embrace every crazy, annoying, inconvenient and expensive moment while you can.

Remember to try to "see the game through the eyes of the kids". It will make your time at the park that much more enjoyable.

Posted on 05/16/2016